Used Woodworking Machinery

Davis & Wells, Inc., specializes in used industrial woodworking machinery. We buy, sell, take trade-ins and consignments.

Used Machinery For Sale

Some of these are scheduled and priced for a full or partial rebuild, tune-up, paint, etc.  Some machinery may be purchased as is before listed work is performed. Buyer's capable of mechanical and paint work can save big! Any Baldor/Leeson motor or Furnas switch needed sold at cost with purchase of machine!


Bandsaw 36" direct drive, all cast bandsaw,5 hp 3ph 220/440. consignment. came in with bad motor shaft. I will replace with a spare cast motor I have from another past crescent. will include new bearings. $3,500

Bandsaw 20" 3hp 1ph complete frame up rebuild, all new- motor, bearings,tires, guides, insert,switch,belt,paint etc. $3,750

Bandsaws 20" belt drive, 3ph, 3hp, some new parts $2,850

Bandsaws 20" direct drive, 3ph, nice vulc. tires, guide blocks, guide wheels, insert. Lubed and tuned $2,500

DSA 70 Borer 2 spindle, adj.centers 1-8", 3 phase,air feed and holdown.Includes all new bearings,spindles,helicals, rods,new trio filter, paint. fine adjust on table $3,500

single borer single borer with steel base,manual foot pedal with return spring. single phase 115/220 volt motor,paint. This unit will sell for 950 $950

Radial Arm saw 16" 5 hp 3 phase,consignment, buy as is for $1,000 Unit is on factory stand. paint is faded, decent shape $800
 ECKSTROM -CARLSON  Pin Router  10K, 20K Spindle, belt drive, 3 phase, table foot operated. heavy cast iron approx. 1500 lbs, very good condition,  

Boring machine Consigned, needs TLC on air system. Planetary 10 spindle head with set rotational centers runs, tilt table, adjust height, auto stroke,3 phase, head runs nice, missing air hold down. these machines sold for over $10K in 1990 $700



Metal lathe Model 10EE. If you know lathes, you know the rest! This is the best, heaviest small precision lathe ever made.  1968. has some chucks, collet closer, 3 phase 220/440 $4,000


Bandsaw 36" 5 hp 3 phase direct drive,runs great. New paint, will include new vulcanized tires.   $3300 as is w/o new tires $4,000

Panel Table Saw #4 with rare 3'x 5' cast slider table.5 hp 18" max blade,3 phase 220/440 volt. Table rolls on carriage rolling on huge cast rails.New cost $25K. Consignment sale.Clean Mch. $3,500
Jointer Model 166, new 16" helical head by Byrd Manufacturing, 96 carbide inserts (valued at $3,900 w new motor shaft), 5 hp direct drive. Will include reground table and new paint.  $7,000

or purchase as is for $5,000
  Jointer Model 166. 12", 5 hp direct drive, 3-knife head, 8' bed. $3,500

Planer #299 helical head, late model "square" body, 7.5 hp 220/440 volt,3 ph. Has instant bed adjust arm for lower bed rolls, has grinder bar but missing grinder motor wheel assy., you order from eagle/oliver parts for $1500 $5,000

Table saw #270 5hp 3ph direct drive. motor has been rewound for dual voltage, new motor bearings will be installed next,will be painted.includes miter gage, geared oliver fence. $3,250

Grinder Bars Assorted grinder bars for 16" - 24" Powermatic planers.Bar,screw,feet and carriage only, no motor/grinder arbor assy. $500
   Planer  16" model 160 3 hp direct drive 3phase, 220/440, has grinder bar, 60's-70's all cast machine, consignment sale. Has some rust on table, faded paint but very good, heavy duty machine.  $1,500

Boring Machine 4 spindle,4 in line motors,5' cast table, +4'centers,2 heads planetary, hydraulic stroke/holdown, very hvy dty,3000 lbs $1,000

Bandsaw 30" direct drive 3hp 3 phase, older 1960's rhombus shape geared guide bar, solid Tann factory wheels- non spoked , foot brake runs well, will include new paint, setup $3,500
   Bandsaw 30" direct drive 3hp 3phase newer style rectangular geared guide bar, Ambitech electronic motor brake, foot brake too, factory non spoke wheels, Black Diamond guides. Will included new grey paint   $4,250

Wide Belt 3 head Model 738 V3 Serial #4901 38" 3 head,1 is platten. ultra heavy duty, all 5/8 steel plate frame, roller bed with belt& brushes. machine weighs approx 15,000 lbs.Contact rolls had just been redone by last owner. As is price.Mover available to transfer etc. $5,000
YATES American

Planer 30" Model B5. 30" 4 knife 15 hp direct drive head motor, oil bath head bearings, recent belt changes on feed system, power raise table, seg.infeed roller, HEAVY DUTY Cast machine. Weighs approx. 6,000 lbs, very good condition $5,500


 Y30 30" 3 hp, 3 phase direct drive 220/440 volt. Flat steel doors, 2200 lbs, cuts 19" max high cut. Best 30" ever made


Jointer #1 model, 12" 4 knife head,96" long bed, tilt spring joint handle on outfeed table,5 hp direct drive,220/440 v 3 phase, like Northfield HD but better, wider motor bearings included $4,250

Tablesaw Sliding Table G89. 5HP 3Ph 220/440 16" blade, tilting arbor, overarm guard. more iron than Oliver,Northfield, nicer cast body, better slide system.Will include new paint/bearings. very rare saw $4,000

Tablesaw Model G89 16" 5 hp 3ph direct drive. Tilt gear drive fence, overarm guard, splitter, All Cast Iron Mch. New mtr. bearings,paint. $3,000
 Waco  Jointer  16" 5 hp 3 phase belt drive 4 knife head, fence tilts, shear's to  head. 7' bed. All cast iron body. Similar design to Oliver 166 adjustment for tables. Made in Sweden 1960's  $4000

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