About Us

Davis & Wells Inc. specializes in buying and selling most American and European brands of used industrial woodworking machinery. We are able to buy good-conditioned used machines at a low cost at auction or through private sales and pass along a significant saving to you — our customers.

We proudly receive several client referrals each week due to our honest approach in fairly representing our used machines at published prices that are lower than our competition. Many of our new customers are generated from this website. In fact, we are one of the only used machine dealers who list our prices on our website.

Our competitive advantage has always been our inventory, fair prices and technical support. That's why our number one source of new customers is referrals. This speaks highly of our reputation within the industry.

In addition to our impressive selection of used, industrial-strength woodworking machinery, Davis & Wells Inc. provides parts that may be interchangeable with Rankin, PAL, Comet* and Consolidated brands of bandsaws, tablesaws, single and double horizontal borer machines, shapers and jointers.

*Note: We do not supply any parts for Comet Metal Working Mills or Comet Radial Arm Saws.